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Shailer Park State High School is a progressive campus whose big plans and bold ambitions have seen it become one of the most successful independent public high schools. With excellent teaching practices, high expectations and a supportive and nurturing educational community students are continuously guided throughout their personal pathway to success. A tradition of excellence has been created and maintained through our academy programs including NEXUS, ALTUM, IGNITE Dance, STING Volleyball and Futsal. These programs further challenge and extend students with exceptional abilities and strengthen their love of learning in a specific field developing as Resilient, Reflective, Resourceful and Relational learners.

Our academy programs offer personalised learning approaches to reflect your student's needs, in conjunction with strong industry and institution partnerships.  Students will be equipped to succeed. We welcome you to explore our academy programs where big plans are made together and bold ambitions are goals to be realised.

Shailer Park State High School Academies encourage students to lift their aspirations by providing them with opportunities to excel in their chosen field through participation in their Academy Program. The NEXUS, ALTUM, STING and IGNITE Academies Programs are underpinned by a focus on excellence, opportunity and the empowerment of students who have big plans and bold ambitions for a bright future.

Each Academy is managed and supported by key stakeholders and teams, who provide opportunities and guidance for all Academy students:

  • Head of Academies
  • Academy Directors
  • Coaching and Support Staff
  • School Executive Leadership Team
  • School Strategic Team
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Parents, and Parents and Citizens Association
  • Community Partners

Enrolment and Engagement in Programs

The Head of Academies will initiate and conduct, in consultation with the Academy Directors and the Deputy Principal, an enrolment/continuing engagement process each year for both new and continuing students. To attain a position in an Academy, students will be required to submit an application demonstrating their ability to fulfil specific criteria. They will also be invited to participate in tests, trials or auditions as part of the application process. Their continued participation in the Program is dependent on their meeting a number of conditions including high standards in effort and behaviour in academic study, currency of Student Resource Scheme and Academy fees payments, and adherence to school and Academy policies and codes. All Academy students are mentored by their Director, who will track and monitor their progress, both in their academic pursuits and in the Academy Program, providing personalised coaching, mentoring and support.

For further information please visit individual Academy pages.


Last reviewed 17 June 2019
Last updated 17 June 2019